Principles & Objectives


Japanese universities have provided society with human resources who will shape the future and have contributed greatly to society by creating knowledge through academic and research activities in a wide array of fields, ranging from humanities to social science and natural science, and by accumulating knowledge as intellectual assets common to humanity. With the advent of an “age of knowledge”, establishing a new innovation system that will bring about socioeconomic reforms is believed to hold the key to economic revitalization. Under these circumstances, it is increasingly expected that universities, which serve as the source of knowledge, will not only make social contributions from long-term perspectives through educational and research activities, but also return research results directly to society and promote their utilization through routine and systematic collaborations with society. In addition to the conventionally upheld basic mission of education and research, Hokkaido University considers more direct social contributions as its third mission and is resolved to fulfill its duties. Based on these principles, in October 2007 we replaced the Management Center of Intellectual Property, which was established in October 2003, with the Management Center for Intellectual Property and Innovation, where the function of industry-university collaborations is systematically integrated. This was later reorganized as the Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration in April 2009.


The mission of the Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration is to contribute to the development of industry by leveraging Hokkaido University’s intellectual properties for the betterment of society. This is accomplished by developing an environment for creating, protecting and utilizing intellectual properties from research conducted at Hokkaido University as well as promoting collaboration with industrial circles for the use of research results, in accordance with the basic policy on government-industry-academia collaboration and intellectual properties.


As an organization that reports directly to the President of Hokkaido University, the Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration will used top-down management approach to centrally manage the university’s intellectual properties and ensure these intellectual properties are utilized in an expedient manner.
The Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration will strive to provide integrated support services for intellectual properties to create an environment in which Hokkaido University can devote itself to educational and research activities inherent in a university.
The Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration will not only create and protect intellectual properties and promote industry-academia collaboration, but also create venture businesses and new industries as well as encourage innovation and fairly evaluate and return profits to researchers. Furthermore, we will incorporate new findings from society into the university’s basic research and create new sciences, thus aspiring to realize an intellectual creation cycle with intellectual property as the core.

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