Center Organization

Organization of the Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration

  • The Center shall be formed as a general education organization under direct control of the HU President, and the Executive Director of the Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration shall be an Executive appointed by the President.
  • The Integrated Management Office, consists of the Integrated Management Department and Collaborative Promotion Department which supervises and coordinates affairs for the Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration.     Within the Office, the Integrated Management Department directs the planning and acts as the liason for innovation and business promotion; specifically, the Regional Government-Industry-Academia Collaboration Unit serves as a one-stop contact point to support not only research centers within Hokkaido, but other support centers and financial institutions.      Also within the Office is the Collaborative Promotion Department. This department promotes mutual collaboration with organizations both inside and outside the prefecture to generate food related projects and works to strategically promote research results.
  • The Industrial Innovation Office, consisting of the Social Implementation Department and Intellectual Property Department supervises technology transfer and intellectual property for social implementation.                   The Social Implementation Department is in charge of a broad range of work--from technology transfer and research collaboration, to project generation and management.This Department also works for comprehensive collaboration in the area of planning for industry and public research organizations.
     The Intellectual Property Department has experts in intellectual property that not only acquire intellectual property rights aiming for commercialization of them, but also foster staffs for intellectual property related work.         Within the Intellectual Property Department, is the Legal Affairs Office. This office was set up to support legal aspects of innovation and business promotion as they relate to cases and contracts.
  • The Steering Committee shall be established to carry out decision making and resolution regarding important affairs.
  • The Intellectual Property Examination Committee shall be established to carry out examination and screening of issues regarding intellectual property.

Center Organization (From April 2014)

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