This page lists links to information on researchers at Hokkaido University.

Note: Their titles and positions are as of the web page publication dates.

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Publication dateFieldResearcher ( or a lab )FacultyResearch title
2014/01/20 L Hisae Kasai (Associate Professor) Laboratory of Marine Biotechnology and Microbiology Division of Marine Life Science Faculty of Fisheries Sciences Protecting food safety through research on fish diseases
2013/11/21 L Hirofumi Miyaji (Lecturer) Clinic of Endodontics and Periodontics Comprehensive Conservation Dentistry Hokkaido University Hospital Investigations into new scaffolding materials.
2013/05/23 N Osamu Matsuda (Associate Professor) Applied Physics Faculty of Engineering Visualizing the state of acoustic waves that propagate on the surface of materials
2012/12/25 N Teriki Motohashi (Associate Professor) Division of Materials Chemistry Faculty of Engineering Fascinated by inorganic materials chemistry that gives full play to various elements
2012/11/26 N Hideo Kaiju (Assistant Professor) Research Institute for Electronic Science Striving to conduct world class research
2012/10/25 L Tomomi Nemoto (Professor) Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biophysics Research Institute for Electronic Science Visualizing the invisible
2012/08/27 L Yusuke Ohba (Professor) Department of Cell Physiology School of Medicine Unraveling complex intracellular networks
2012/04/25 L Kyoko Hida (Specially Appointed Associate Professor) Division of Vascular Biology Oral Pathobiological Science Graduate School of Dental Medicine Development of novel anti-angiogenic drugs targeting tumor vascular endothelial cell specifically.
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