Food Science Platform


Hokkaido University in 2014 established the Office for Enhancing Institutional Capacity and four platforms: the Medical Care and Drug Discovery Science Platform, Food Science Platform, Materials Science Platform, and Open Facility Platform.
In the following year, the Food Science Platform strengthened its partnership with Hokkaido Research Organization (HRO) and built the current collaborative structure to seamlessly connect Hokkaido University, where scientists primarily engage in basic and applied research, with HRO, which pioneers practical application and commercialization of research results. The aim was to create trailblazing innovations and accelerate their practical application and commercialization.
Originally established as Sapporo Agricultural College in 1876, Hokkaido University has a long tradition and track record of research in agriculture, livestock science and other food-related fields. Since its establishment of Japan’s first faculty of fisheries sciences in 1907 (as Sapporo Agricultural College), the university has served as a research hub in food-related scientific fields.
Recently, the environment surrounding Japan has become increasingly severe, with abnormal weather events caused by global warming, the ensuing decrease in the production of agricultural, forestry and fishery products, intensifying international competition due to globalization, a population graying faster than any other country in the world, a global food shortage caused by the rapid growth of the global population, and the resulting competition for food supplies. At this juncture, it is therefore pertinent that we at the Food Science Platform fulfill our primary mission of contributing to the promotion of technological innovation in agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Hokkaido and the rest of Japan by identifying and solving problems through partnerships among government, industry and academia.
We would very much appreciate the continued support and understanding of everyone involved.

March 2017
Yoshinobu Kiso, Ph.D
Director of Food Science Platform