Food Science Platform

Organizational structure of the Food Science Platform and its management’s responsibilities

Organizational structure

To facilitate the work of the Food Science Platform, Hokkaido University (HU) reinforced its partnership with Hokkaido Research Organization (HRO) in April 2016, effecting the collaborative management of the platform overseen by two directors dispatched from both institutions: one from HU serving as the director of the platform and one from HRO acting as the deputy director of the platform. To make sure that the platform works as a research hub that brings together scientists from these separate institutions, the platform is divided into three blocks in line with disciplines (i.e., agricultural production, fisheries, and food processing), and block supervisors are appointed from among the researchers to liaise between the institutions.

The management policy for the platform, the appointment of directors and other matters are discussed at the Food Science Platform Promotion Committee, which is comprised of representatives from both institutions.

Management’s responsibilities

  • The director’s and deputy director’s primary responsibilities include formulating the organization’s mid- and long-term action policy, selecting research subjects and establishing blocks based on discussions with representatives of HRO and relevant HU departments. The director and deputy director also provide support for the acquisition of research grants and for research activities in each block.
  • The block supervisors’ primary responsibilities include recommending researchers from among those at the institutions as members of certain projects to facilitate their implementation. They also coordinate the work of the blocks and act as liaisons to launch projects in collaboration with the director and deputy director.


November 2012 Establishment of the Research Society on Food and Health as a government-industry-academia network aimed at launching projects in the fields of food, health and medicine
Holding of the All-Japan Symposium on Food and Health
September 2013 Holding of the International Symposium on Food and Health
February 2014 Establishment of the Office for Enhancing Institutional Capacity by Hokkaido University and the launch of the Food Science Platform within the Office as a hub for research promotion
Establishment of a collaborative structure with Hokkaido Research Organization (HRO) and the launch of initiatives to strengthen Food Science Platform activities, including personnel exchanges with HRO
Holding of the Research Society on Food and Health’s 12th Meeting (The research society was dissolved and turned into the Food Science Platform Seminar.)
September 2016 Holding of the 1st Food Science Platform Seminar