Seminar, Research Society and Symposium

Food Science Platform Seminar

The Food Science Platform Seminar was launched in 2016 by the Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration (formerly the Center for Innovation and Business Promotion), the governing body of the Food Science Platform, as the successor to the Research Society on Food and Health, which the Institute dissolved after operating from 2012. Seminar meetings are held on a regular basis as part of the Food Science Platform’s activities. While upholding the objectives of the Research Society on Food and Health, the Seminar offers a platform for candid discussion among researchers and other professionals from government, industry and academia, as well as other related parties, under its priority theme of food (including production, processing and distribution).

Research Society on Food and Health

The predecessor of the Food Science Platform Seminar, this research society was established in November 2012 as a government-industry-academia platform to launch Hokkaido-based projects in the fields of food, health, medicine and the environment and create related initiatives. The research society held a total of 12 meetings, which attracted 908 participants. It was dissolved in March 2016 and turned into the Food Science Platform Seminar with the same objectives and roles as the research society.

 Freshness Keeping Technology Symposium

While food produced in Hokkaido has drawn world attention for its safety, reliability and high quality, new technologies are required to supply (namely, store and transport) the food to markets while maintaining its delicious flavors and freshness in order to enhance the brands of Hokkaido food. To meet the market needs, the Freshness Keeping Technology Symposium provides a forum for researchers and other professionals from government, industry and academia to exchange ideas to formulate projects aimed at proposing solutions to challenges and accelerating the practical application of new technologies.