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Explanation of the Systems (External Sources of Funding)

This page explains about the systems in place when accepting funding from outside the university (external sources of funding).

Collaborative Research

The university and private-sector carry out collaborative research intended to find solutions to shared challenges and to develop products. The university may also accept researchers from the private sector.

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Industry Creation Research Organizations

These are large scale on collaborative research, where private companies establish a specific laboratory on campus, and HU and private sector researchers carry out collaborative research towards a shared goal, such as joint commercialization.

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Academic Consulting

This is that HU researchers provide guidance and advice based on specialist expertise in response to a request from a private company or other entity. This is treated as university work, not a side job, so can be carried out during working hours.

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Commissioned Research

This is research that has been commissioned by an external entity. The consignor bears the necessary exoenses for such research. The consignor does not carry out any research, and the university carries out research on its own.

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Forms of Contract



Donations are accepted from companies and individuals for the purpose of education and research. The university may use them freely and at its discretion for educational and research activities. When the university receives an application from a company or other entity, it asks them to submit a Donation Application Form, which needs to be deliberated by the relevant deliberative body (such as the faculty council).

Endowed Chair and Funded Research Departments

This system is designed to revitalize education and research by the university independently and autonomously establishing and operating research organizations by means of donations from companies and other entities. This system may be applied in any discipline, be it in the humanities or the sciences.

How this differs from a donation

  • A central organization for the activities (the chair or laboratory) must be established and faculty and administrative staff deployed
  • It must be installed continuously for a specified period of time (2 to 5 years)

Please contact the person in charge of endowed chair and funded research departments in the relevant faculty for further details about the installation method .

Information on the public offering of competitive funding, scientific research grants, grants-in-aid, etc.

Information about these public offerings is summarized on URA Station > Information about Internal Support Systems, so please take a look there.

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