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Collaboraitive Research

Collaboraitive research is a system that facilitates the production of excellent research results by allowing teaching and administrative staff at the university and researchers at entities such as private institutes to tackle shared challenges on an equal footing based on the contracts between them. In principle, the company will bear the costs required for the research, which will either be carried out jointly with our faculty and administrative staff or will be divided between the parties involved.
In addition, the university also accepts researchers from companies and other entities to carry out research at our facilities. (Private sector etc. co-researchers)


If You Receive an Application from a Company

Please coordinate with the company and make adjustments regarding the costs required to carry out the Collaboraitive research. The costs required to carry out the Collaboraitive research are itemized below.

Required Costs and Their Amounts

Direct costs
Expenses directly related to the research, such as honoraria, travel expenses, and the cost of things such as consumables, equipment and fixtures.
Costs of academic contributions
These are costs calculated at the discretion and judgment of the researchers based on the extent of their contribution to the said research, as compensation in proportion to the contribution made by the academic expertise etc. of the said researchers.
Expenses for the promotion of industry-university collaborations
These are expenses for maintaining partnerships between the university and industry centered on joint research.
The company is asked to pay an amount equivalent to 30% of the total sum of direct costs + costs of academic contributions.
Research fee for private sector etc. co-researchers
These are costs made necessary when the university accepts co-researchers from the private sector etc. They are people who are currently employed to do research work at private sector institutions etc. but are temporarily seconded to the university for the purpose of joint research. (440,000 yen per person per year, or 36,900 yen per person per month if the research period is less than a year.)

* The costs of academic contributions are separate from direct costs (the actual costs required to carry out research); the company is billed for the contribution made by the expertise of our faculty and administrative staff as a separate expense. The calculated amount of the costs of academic contributions, like the direct costs, can be allocated to the budget of the faculty and administrative staff and used as research funds.

Collaboraitive Research Application Form

Once an approximate consensus has been reached on matters such as the research content and duration (a period of more than one year is possible) and the research funds, please fill in the required items in a Collaboraitive Research Application Form and ask the company representative to submit it to the administrative staff of the faculty with which the relevant faculty and administrative staff are affiliated.

Collaboraitive Research Application Form

Content Review and Decision on Acceptance

A faculty or school decides whether to accept joint research on the basis of a screening of the application by its deliberative body (the faculty council, etc.). Once it has decided to accept the application, contracts are exchanged and the Collaboraitive research commences.