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Commissioned Research

This is a system where Hokkaido University faculty and administrative staff are commissioned by a company to carry out research, and report the findings of that research to the consignor. Commissioned research is carried out at facilities on campus by our faculty and administrative staff. It is mainly commissioned by public institutions such as JST and AMED, but it is possible to conclude commissioned research contracts with entities such as the state, local governments and private companies.


Required Costs and Their Amounts

Direct costs
Expenses directly related to the research, such as honoraria, travel expenses, and the cost of things such as consumables, equipment and fixtures.
The required amounts are decided in consultation with the party interested in commissioning research.
Indirect expenses
These are indirect expenses that become necessary in connection with the carrying out of the commissioned research.
We request payment of an amount equivalent to 30% of the direct costs.

Commissioned Research Application Form

Once an approximate consensus has been reached on matters such as the research content and duration (a period of more than one year is possible) and the research funds, please fill in the required items in a Commissioned Research Application Form and ask the consignor to submit it to the administrative staff of the faculty with which the relevant faculty and administrative staff are affiliated.

Commissioned Research Application Form (Sample)

Content Review and Decision on Acceptance

A faculty or school decides whether to accept commissioned research on the basis of a screening of the application by its deliberative body (the faculty council, etc.). Once it has decided to accept the application, contracts are exchanged and the commissioned research commences.

Information on the public offering of competitive funding, scientific research grants, grants-in-aid, etc.

Information about these public offerings is summarized on URA Station > Information about Internal Support Systems, so please take a look there.

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