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Registering a Research Profile

The Hokkaido University Research Profiles website is published for dissemination Hokkaido University research results and technologies, and we encourage their wide use by people in the fields of the economy, industry and local government.

When your research profile is registered on this website, it makes access easier for companies and researchers who wish to collaborate with you.

In addition, the content you register becomes the basic information used by Institute for the Promotion of Industry, University, and Regional Cooperation managers in their marketing to companies.

  • You want to promote your research profile to companies so that you can secure external sources of funding for collaborative research and other projects
  • You want to license your patent to a company so that it will commercialize and productize the findings of your research

If you have aspirations similar to the above, please do register your research profile on the website.


For Hokkaido University researchers
(How to register your research profile)