Intellectual Property

Handling Tangible and Development Results, and MTAs

MTA (Material Transfer Agreement) facilitates free research among researchers, while also contractually guaranteeing that information is not leaked and that research results are handled appropriately.

The term “materials” refers to tangible objects such as reagents, samples, laboratory animals and strains of microorganisms obtained as research results or during the research process. Not only compounds but also devices, equipment and the like are handled in the same way.

Academic papers and ready-made chemicals etc. are examples of things not covered by an MTA.

Unless special provisions have been made, deliverables belong to HU
When providing or receiving deliverables, researchers must comply with the relevant laws, regulations and internal rules etc., and if necessary follow the procedures of the relevant departments.

When Provided with Tangible Research and Development Results by HU

In principle, transfers to companies involve payment of a fee, so if you wish to be provided with tangible research and development results, please ask the HU teaching in possession of the said results to submit a Notification form Check Sheet to the Institute for the Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration .

When Providing HU with Tangible Research and Development Results

MTA must be concluded, regardless of whether the transfer involves payment of a fee. Please ask the HU researchers concerned to contact the person in charge of this in the faculty with which they are affiliated, who will carry out the contract procedures.

Important Note

Such agreements are contracted between HU and a company. They are not concluded with an individual member of the HU faculty and administrative staff. Agreements are concluded not by the faculty and administrative staff but, as described above, by the Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Cooperation, or by the administrative staff of the faculty with which the said teaching and administrative staff are affiliated.