Intellectual Property


Joint Inventions with Hokkaido University Researchers

When HU researchers invent something, they are obliged to submit an invention report.
In principls, HU researchers Inventions are employee inventions.

Collaborative research sometimes leads to joint inventions where both Hokkaido University and a company are the inventors. Even in cases that are not collaborativet research, a joint invention can sometimes be generated when researchers come up with an idea in the course of conversation, or when an invention utilizes confidential information exchanged under an MTA(Material Transfer Agreement) or NDA(Non-Nisclosure Agreement).

If HU researchers are involved in an invention, please inform the Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration.

The Handling of Joint Inventions

Joint inventions are handled by the university as outlined below.

  Exclusive implementation Non-exclusive implementation Transfer
(Transfer prior to or after
submission of the application)
(Holder of rights)
Hokkaido University, the company Hokkaido University, the company The company
Cost of application, etc. Full amount borne by the company Full amount borne by the company The company
Compensation for implementation etc. Obligation to pay compensation to
Hokkaido University
In principle, there is an obligation to pay
compensation to Hokkaido University
(Negotiable on a case-by-case basis)
Obligation to pay compensation to
Hokkaido University
* Compensation = lump sum payment + amount
determined by the extent of the contribution of

License Agreements

If you wish to license patent rights held by HU, you will need to enter into a license agreement with the university.
The procedures are as shown below. The entire procedure will take between one and three months, depending on the content of the agreement. In principle, negotiation remain confidential from the application for a license up until the conclusion of the agreement.

  • You inform us of your request for a license
  • We hold interviews and negotiations about the licensing
  • The licensing is screened and a decision made
  • The licensing agreement is concluded
  • You pay the licensing fee