Important Notice

The Handling of Joint Inventions in the Basic Policy

  Exclusive implementation Non-exclusive implementation Transfer
(Transfer prior to or after
submission of the application)
(Holder of rights)
Hokkaido University, the company Hokkaido University, the company The company
Cost of application, etc. Full amount borne by the company Full amount borne by the company The company
Compensation for implementation etc. Obligation to pay compensation to
Hokkaido University
In principle, there is an obligation to pay
compensation to Hokkaido University
(Negotiable on a case-by-case basis)
Obligation to pay compensation to
Hokkaido University
* Compensation = lump sum payment + amount
determined by the extent of the contribution of

Collaborative Research

Collaborative research is a system that promotes the production of excellent research results by having HU researchers and researchers from private institutions work on common issues on an equal footing based on contracts. 

The expenses required for the research will be borne by the company, and the research will be conducted jointly or shared with the HU researchers.

It is also possible to accept researchers from companies and conduct research at our research facilities.

Launching Collaborative Researchs

If HU researchers for the Collaborative Research have been decided

Please consult directly with the relevant faculty member regarding research content, period, funding, research plans, etc.

If the research content has been decided but not the faculty and administrative staff

Please refer to the Research Profiles website You can look up Hokkaido University researchers and technology seeds via a full-text search, or by searching for laboratories or keywords, etc.

Type and amount of required expenses

Direct expenses
Expenses directly related to the research, such as honoraria, travel expenses, and the cost of things such as consumables, equipment and fixtures. The required amounts are decided in consultation with the faculty and administrative staff in charge of the joint research.
Expenses of academic contributions
These are costs calculated at the discretion and judgment of the researchers based on the extent of their contribution to the said research, as compensation in proportion to the contribution made by the academic expertise etc. of the university’s researchers.
Indirect Expenses
These are expenses for maintaining partnerships between the university and industry centered on joint research.
We request payment of an amount equivalent to 30% or higher of the total sum of direct costs + costs of academic contributions.