Academic Consulting

Academic Consulting

Our academic consulting system was launched in May 2018.
It is a system where, as part of their job, HU researchers and other staff that are commissioned by a company or other entity provide guidance and advice based on their education, research and specialist technical expertise, and provide support for the work and activities of the consignor.

The incorporation of a mechanism to provide the academic technical guidance and advice that did not fit easily into the framework of joint research and contract research has made it possible for HU to meet the wide-ranging needs of industry better than ever before.

Academic Consulting Fee

Academic consulting fee = guidance fee + required expenses + indirect expenses

Guidance Fee

Please decide the guidance fee in discussions with the HU researcher.
(Guidance fees vary according to factors such as the value of the expertise provided and the time spent by the teaching and administrative staff.)

Required Expenses

These are the cost of things such as equipment, consumables and travel expenses required to carry out the academic consulting.

Indirect expensess

These are expenses for the promotion of HU government-industry-academia collaborations.
After consulting with the HU researcher, please decide on an amount that it is the equivalent of 30% or higher of the sum total of the guidance fee + required expenses.