Entrepreneurship Training Program

The Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration runs an entrepreneurship training program that aims to produce human resources who will flourish in the global arena as well as human resources who will play a central role in regional revitalization.

We are developing a program that aims to train human resources capable of facing the challenges of the global arena by offering practical lectures and workshops that boost such aspects of the entrepreneurial spirit as a sense of responsibility, self-discipline and not being afraid to make mistakes, and providing an environment that transcends the framework of sciences or humanities and where peers with the similar aspirations can spur each other on. We aim to leverage our support system and a network that includes people such as entrepreneurs, innovators and venture capitalists to nurture entrepreneurial talent in people capable of dreaming up new businesses and make their vision a reality.


DEMOLA is a Finnish-born industry-government-academia collaborative innovation creation platform.

DEMOLA is an international enterprise problem solution network with 60 universities in 18 countries participating. College students / graduate students and corporate staff are working together to tackle corporate real problems. The student team has worked on "challenges" provided by more than 900 participating companies so far, and many ideas have been created. If the challenge provider likes the idea created by the student team, it will receive a license from the student team to use the idea and will lead to commercialization.

HSFC (Hokkaido Startup Future Creation Development by Mutual Support Networks)

HSFC is a collaborative organization that was established in fiscal 2021 to provide support for startups. Its core founding members are universities and research institutes etc. in Hokkaido.
HSFC runs a Gap Funding Support Program for startups, and organizes startup consultation meetings with HU professionals, as well as various kinds of events and study meetings. In addition, The HX (H Cross) integrated incubation base has been established as a base for HSFC activities. A consultation with a resident X director (H director) can help you take the first step towards launching a startup at Hokkaido University.