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For HU Researchers

This page is intended for HU reserchers and administrative staff. It covers topics such as the manual regarding partnerships between university and industry, explanations of systems such as collaborative research and commissioned research, and how to deal with tangible research and development results.

An overview of each item is given below.
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The Manual on Government-Industry-Academia Collaborations

The site below provides information about HU systems for government-industry-academia collaborations and the various procedures involved. Researchers and administrative staff who are responsible for work involving government-industry-academia collaborations should read through it as, in addition to the latest regulations and notices, it features content such as templates for contracts etc. and FAQ.

Explanation of the Systems

This page contains information about the systems regarding collaboratives research, commissioned research, Industry creation laboratories, and academic consulting.

Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)

This page explains about procedures concerning tangible research and development results (such as samples, laboratory animals and strains of microorganisms).

  • Procedures for HU to provide other institutions with tangible research and development results
  • Procedures for HU to receive tangible research and development results from external sources


Registering a Research Profile

We publish research profiles with the aim of making people aware of Hokkaido University research results and technologies, and encourage their wide use by people in the fields of the economy, industry and local government. When research profiles are registered on this website, it makes access easier for companies and researchers who wish to collaborate on them. Please use it secure external sources of funding for joint research or to do PR for your own research. Any member of our faculty and administrative staff can register.

Invention Reports

When HU teaching and administrative staff invent something, they are required to submit an invention report. Any teaching and administrative staff who have created an invention should take a look at this page since it shows how to submit an invention report.

Procedures regarding Side Jobs

Teaching and administrative staff engaged in activities outside their work at HU are required to register them with the university as a side job. Please refer to this page for more information about procedures and regulations.

Any Questions?

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